Role Played

UX & UI Design Web Design

Client’s Requirement

The client wanted to create an online music video streaming website where users can find their favourite star and their latest/popular/other music videos and listen to them. Alongside that, they can book a ticket for an online live music concert/event. This was mainly to promote many trending popular young artists who normally make videos on youtube. Also, eventually, they were about to contact some popular artists too.

What I did

My main job for this project was to create a stunning visual UI with a very User-Friendly UX. After understanding the client’s requirements I started doing some research on some key points that the client mentioned he wants to implement in this project. My research method was looking at some competitor’s websites, what is missing in this missing on those websites, and what extra we could improve. Did some user interviews of some young youtube artists, local bands or solo artists through email conversation, mainly asking if they want any specific feature or something to be present on the website to help them grow.

After collecting all information and a couple of rounds of meeting with the client we came up with this design. With the end result, the client was extremely happy.