ORDO User App

Role Played

UX & UI Design UX Research

Client’s Ultimate Goal

The client wants to disrupt the physical and digital restaurant management system with a complete ecosystem of applications provided by ORDO. The vision starts with the customer application who visits the restaurant to have dinner or takeaway food and goes up to an admin for the restaurant who can solve mostly every software-related need of a restaurant.

The Application

This application is only a mobile-based customer application that visits the restaurant to have dinner or takeaway food. The way to create a seamless experience for these customers is when they come to restaurants and check the menu through a QR code scan without asking the waiter anything. They get the food delivered to their table. They complete their lunch or dinner and then pay and leave. Throughout this process, there is less interaction between the waiter and the restaurant. Because of that, the servers can focus on other services more and less on customer interaction.

My Role

My role was to design the entire experience and user interface for this. With a lot of research, a development, we came up with this design, and the client was pleased.