Upay App

Role Played

Front End Development Mobile UI Design UX & UI Design UX Research

Client’s Requirement

The client already has a third-party international money transfer application and is introducing a debit card that the user can use. The client already had an app for which he preferred the user experience and wanted to adopt a new user interface based on the same user interface as the app has fewer screens, so no extensive UX Research was needed. Just a very lovely UI would do the job.

What I did

Understanding the client’s requirement, I immediately jumped into the wireframing and UI design as the client wanted the same user experience as the N26 application already in Germany. I tried to make the app’s UI experience as clean and modern as possible. Due to not going through the extensive UX process, the delivery was also speedy.

The client also wanted an HTML version of the app to use as a mobile web version. The link to the HTML is provided, and you can navigate through the pages there as well.